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Quickly and simply locate a suitable Party Wall Surveyor in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Buckinghamshire or Berkshire who will not overcharge you, all our Party Wall Surveyors work to a fair pricing matrix.


We recommend local London experts to undertake your Party wall requirements. 


Next Meeting 7.00 pm at Castle Hotel, 18 High Street Windsor on 19/09/2019 email us for details and tickets.  


Party Wall Surveyors Qualifications explained Here


All your questions are answered online, or telephone us on the number above, we have a current selection of over 200 Party Wall Surveyors all correctly qualified, insured and vetted by us, with 200 London Party Wall Surveyors many of which are RICS qualified. 


Use our services with absolute confidence, why risk Google when a system is available online.  


The 100 Most Trusted and qualified Party Wall Surveyors in The UK are Listed Here


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The information, commentary and advice hosted on this website or in any response to a query is provided free of charge for information purposes only for the consumer relating to Party Wall services and London Party Wall Surveyors.   


The information, commentary and advice is not intended to amount to legal advice to any person and must not be relied on as such.


The PWSA is a voluntary membership, UK professional body, operated by Chartered & Professionally qualified Party Wall Surveyors throughout London and the UK. The PWSA is a non-profit organisation defined as a ‘Private Limited Company’ based in the City of London, an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit. There are six principle London Party Wall Surveyors who manage the Association. 


Membership is entirely free but by invitation only. Our invitations only extend to correctly qualified Party Wall Surveyors in London and the home Counties by recommendation or reputation, Party Wall Surveyors cannot buy their way into this Association, competence and reputation first, money is not a requirement for membership, there is no fee. There is no commercial element to this Association. We function to assist the consumer finding the correct Surveyor for their development.  


The nearest member, to a potential appointing owner, will deal directly with that owner, this will include services offered for through this website.


A full range of services can be provided for and paid through this website by credit or debit card for your protection under the consumer credit act. These include:

  1. Party Wall Notices for £50.00 + VAT Each
  2. Party Wall Awards £450.00 + VAT Each
  3. Party Wall Schedule of condition £350.00 + VAT Each


These prices are for domestic properties only, and exclude basements, underpinning or commercial buildings. 


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Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations.


The function of the PWSA is to promote education and training for the public benefit by the enhancement and maintenance of the quality, standards and practice for PWSA surveyors and to achieve excellence in their individual practice, helping them to give professional advice in all party wall matters to their clients.


This Website contains all the information that the public will need and please fee to take a look and find the information you need by Clicking on these links:


We also provide lists of exceptionally able London Party Wall Surveyors. We can confirm if a quotation is fair and reasonable, just ask.


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The Part Wall Act 1996


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Your competent partner for all types of construction projects.    Call us now on 0207 1180 039 Open 9-5 pm Monday to Friday.       Email anytime: 

Simply Text to 07842 844156  06.00-23.00 x 365 Days a Year


The Part Wall Act 1996   The Building Owners    The Adjoining Owner    Received a Notice?    Leading Surveyors




















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