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Party Wall Surveyors Qualifications


Qualifications can be deceiving, and the Party Wall industry is no exception, with no governing body anyone can set up and practise as a Party Wall Surveyor a few simple checks on qualifications will exclude cowboys and the potential disastrous Awards they may produce.


Always use a qualified Surveyor, and this is defined below, in addition ask to see their professional indemnity insurance and VAT number, remember if a Surveyor is not VAT registered then he’s probably not qualified or a one-man band, how can a professional Surveying practice turn over less than the VAT threshold of £84,000 its simply not possible. None of these will be allowed to join this association. 


We have received reports that labourers, painters, bus drivers, waiters and even a cleaner have undertaken the various short courses available on the internet and commenced trading as a Party Wall Surveyor, and even having trade qualifications given to them to display after their name as part of these short courses- that simply deceive the public into the miscomprehension they are dealing with a professional.Its simply a nonsense.   


This may not be something you wish to assign to a poorly qualified Surveyor if a complex development is being undertaken or in fact any structural modification or excavation as resulting damage can be substantial.


So how can you scrutinise a Party Wall Surveyor?


Its actually very simple, any professional Surveyor would hold a bachelor’s degree in building Surveying.


This is always a BSc or BSc (Hons).


There is no lesser qualification to be a Surveyor.


A Qualification that Supersedes the BSc is a MSc (Master of Science) a very formidable qualification indeed.


Also equivalent is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB).


This is always MCIOB.


Note the Associate grade of the Chartered Institute of Building (ACIOB) which was of “A Level standard”  has been discontinued because its too lesser a qualification to be considered as a Professional Surveyor.


Foundation degree’s such as Higher National Diplomas (HND) or Higher National Certificates (HNC) coupled with five years or more experience are also deemed a Professional Surveyors qualification. A HND or HNC does require University attendance and therefore entry qualifications and a proper formal equcation undertaken. 


There are trade qualifications (or referred to as such) for example as Members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors MFPWS and can be obtained after a short course and paying a fee of around £300-£700 there are no entry qualifications required, essentially anyone can apply and sit the course.


Consumers should draw their own conclusions as to their suitability of overseeing a development project.   


All the Surveyors listed below are correctly and professionally Qualified experts in their field with no one better or more able to undertake Surveying tasks at a reasonable cost.


Why take risks?


                                                                         Membership Grades 





This is for those professionals within the construction industry such as project managers, who have undertaken a Building Qualification at NVQ3 or higher.


Associates will not be practising the Party Wall ect. Act 1996 but would benefit from direct access to an experienced practising party wall surveyor for advice and guidance on party wall matters.


This would enable the Associates to provide their clients with accurate, unbiased advice.


Associates can use the letters APWSA after their names.




This level of membership is for those with NVQ4 or Higher professional Qualifications such as a Bachelor of Science in Building Surveying.


All members will have sufficient knowledge of the Party Wall ect. Act 1996, which can be supported by at least twenty party wall Awards, this must include acting as the Agreed Surveyor as well as a joint Surveyor.


Members can use the letters MPWSA after their names.




This is for party wall surveyors who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and the author of at least 500 party wall Awards and who acts as a Third Surveyor when required.


All fellows hold a minimum of a University degree in Building Surveying or Structural Surveying qualifications. In certain situations, those with a foundation degree such as a HNC or HND coupled with 10 years’ experience, but must include being the author of over 1,000 party wall Awards maybe accepted upon application.


Fellows can use the letters FPWSA after their names.



The leading experts in Party Wall Surveying Practices


This is a list of recommended Surveying Practices in London and the South East please fill free to Click Here to find a leader in your particular location.


Want to recommend a Surveyor? Simply email his/her details and we will check them out. 


These are the outstanding market leaders and we cannot recommend their services more they all operate without fault or complaint:


  1. Delva Patman Redler LLP, Thavies Inn House, 3-4 Holborn Circus, London EC1N 2HB
  2. Peter Barry Chartered Surveyors, Longcroft House, London EC2 4NS
  3. Carter Fielding, 4th Floor Neville House, 55 Eden Street, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 1BW
  4. Anstey Horne, Chartered Surveyors 4 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4UP
  5. Gates, Parish & Co, 32 Station Road, Upminster, Essex RM14 2TX
  6. Specialist Structural Einginners and Surveyors 22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU
  7. Arun Associates 80 High Street, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7EJ  
  8. HLN Engineering, Warlies Park House, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3SL
  9. Simon Matthew and Co, 4 Fryering Lane, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 0DA
  10. Graham Ford Chartered Surveyors, 48 The Strand, Deal, Kent CT14 7DX
  11. MS Newsome & Co Ltd, Unit 73 Capital Business Park, 22 Carlton Road, South Croydon CR2 0BS
  12. Berry Lodge, 4 Treborough House, 1 Nottingham Place, London W1U 5LA
  13. Simon Levy Associates, 49 Theobald Street, Borehamwood WD6 4RT 
  14. Specialist Party Wall Surveyors, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX
  15. Schroeders Begg, 10 Rudolf Place, Miles Street, London SW8 1RP
  16. Fedalah Ltd, 148 King Street, London W6 0QU
  17. Essex Party Wall Surveyors 


The Country’s leading Party Wall experts, consultants and third Surveyors:


This list provides the most skilful Surveyors in London and South East at reasonable rates and you should be able to simply "Google" to find their contact details of by Clicking Here this will substantially reduce the risk of employing a less able Surveyor. 



  1. Alistair Redler FRICS
  2. Stuart Birrell FRICS
  3. Peter Bingham FRICS FCABE
  4. Micheal Graves FRICS
  5. Justin Burns BSc MRICS
  6. David Maycox FRICS
  7. Graham North FRICS
  8. David whitehouse BSC FRICS
  9. Ken Power FRICS, MBA, FCIOB
  10. Iain J Newsome MRICS
  11. Martin Stewart FRICS
  12. John Hicks BSc (Hons) MRICS
  13. Micheal Ney BSc MRICS
  14. Simon Levey FRICS
  15. Alan Bright FRCIS
  16. David Mann BSc (Hons) MRICS
  17. Clive Callard BSc FRICS
  18. Ian Cross FRICS
  19. John Williams MSc MPWSA 
  20. Trevor Hall FRICS
  21. John Hayes FRCIS
  22. Simon Price FRICS  
  23. James P Morgan BSc (Hons), MRICS
  24. Rupert Lloyd MRICS
  25. Adam Power BSc (Hons) MSc 
  26. Joel Walsh MRICS
  27. Richard Grove Bsc FRICS
  28. David Bowman BSc (Hons) MRICS
  29. Matthew Wheeler BSc (Hons) MRICS
  30. Peter Winch BSc (Hons) MSc
  31. William Weaver BS MRICS
  32. Fraser Tugby BSc MRICS  
  33. John Hayes FRICS
  34. John Hughes FRICS
  35. Mike Lewis BSc MRICS
  36. David Rees BSc FRICS
  37. Barry Smith BSc                               


  1. Ray Stevens FRICS       
  2. Keith Street BSc ( Hons) MRICS
  3. Matthew Wheeler   MRICS BSc(Hons) ABEng MIOL   
  4. Darran Adams BSc (Hons)   
  5. Peter Thomas MSc MPWSA         
  6. Keith Firn BSc(Hons) MRICS
  7. Graham Thompson BSc Eng Tech 
  8. John William Wates MA (Oxon) BSc FRICS
  9. Martin Foster BSc (Hons) MRICS
  10. Bradley MacKenzie MSc (Hons) MRICS   
  11. Anthony Richards BSc (Hons)
  12. Peter Scott BSc (Hons) 
  13. Paul Teesdale FRICS
  14. Allen Norman BSc (Hons) MRICS 
  15. Matthew Price BSc(Hons) MRICS
  16. John Howell BSc MSc 
  17. Adam Power BSc (Hons) MSc
  18. David Toogood FRICS
  19. Neil Cunningham MRICS
  20. Alfred Clark CEng
  21. John Hughes FRICS
  22. Neil Hall BSc (Hons) MPWSA  
  23. Stephen Lewis BSc (Hons) 
  24. Paul Hughes MSc
  25. Tony Clifford BSc (Hons) FPWSA
  26. Mark Wright BSc MPWSA
  27. David Thompson BSc (Hons)
  28. Matthew Davies BSc MSc MPWSA
  29. Jane Copper BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  30. Emily James BSc MSc MPWSA
  31. Terry Philips BSc FRICS FPWSA
  32. Donald Mann BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  33. Paul Williams BSc MSc MPWSA
  34. John Suthe-Jones MSc PHD MPWSA
  35. Micheal Wright MCIOB MPWSA
  36. Adam Jones BSc (Hons)
  37. Philip Gold BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  38. John Reed HND MPWSA
  39. Jackie Lynhurst FPWSA
  40. Tom Houseman BSc (Hons)  
  41. Jamie Laurence BSc MPWSA
  42. James Colemam BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  43. Andrew Johnson FPWSA
  44. Alan Briers BSc (Hons) FPWSA
  45. Tony Jones BSc MPWSA
  46. Sidney Barnes MPWSA
  47. Craig Davidson MSc FPWSA
  48. Jane Brookes BSc (Hons) MSc MPWSA
  49. Imran Patel BSc MSc FPWSA
  50. Mike Cutts BSc (Hons) FPWSA
  51. Bernard Wright BSc MFPWS 
  52. Janet Moore MSc MPWSA 
  53. James Mead MPWSA
  54. Morris Marsh BSc (Hons) 
  55. Henry Logan BSc MPWSA
  56. Terry Hicks BSc MSc MPWSA
  57. Tony Lovedale BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  58. Kevin Moore BSc
  59. Eammon Johnson BSc (Hons) MPWSA
  60. Carol Jackson MCIOB MPWSA
  61. Ed Manning FCIOB FPWSA
  62. William Smith BSc MPWSA
  63. Gary Hogan MSc
  64. Edward Paul BSc (Hons) MPWSA    




Or more simply Click Here for the leading Surveyor in your location who may charge considerably less than the experts above. 



Need to know if a quotation you've received is fair? or to check out if a Surveyor is approved simply email us the details to:




What are Party Wall Costs?


Usually the building owner proposing the development works will pay all Party Wall costs associated with drawing up of the legal agreement called a “Party Wall Award” but this only applies if the works are solely for his/her benefit.

Where a difference is deemed to have arisen under Section 10, and before the Party Wall Surveyors produce the Award, both parties may jointly agree to settle any outstanding matters between them without the need for an Award.

In this case the building owner will usually still be liable for all reasonable party wall costs incurred up to the date where the parties notify the Party Wall Surveyors of their intentions in writing.


What if damage occurs?


As the adjoining owner you are unlikely to directly benefit from your neighbour’s Party Wall works; in fact, for a short period of time, you may experience some disruption to your daily life and it is possible that your home may suffer from damage as a result of the Party Wall works.

Consequently, when you receive notice under the Party Wall ect. Act 1996 (Act) from the building owner you should carefully consider how best to safeguard your home and your rights during the progress of the works. In most cases appointing your own Surveyor under Section 10 of the Act would be highly appropriate given the price of property in the UK. The building owner is responsible for all costs associated with the Act.


I have been served with a Party Wall Notice what should I do?


Once you receive a Party Wall notice from the building owner you only have fourteen days in which to respond in writing. If you have already selected a Party Wall Surveyor to act for you then you should pass the notice to your Party Wall Surveyor so that he/she can check the notice for compliance with the Act.


Your Party Wall Surveyor will then advise you of the most suitable response and write to the building owner on your behalf.


If you have not appointed a Party Wall Surveyor then you usually have four main options available to you, which are detailed below.


There are other possible options available to you, and this list is not intended to be exhaustive.

  1. Request a "Party Wall Award"- This option means that under Section 10 of the Act Party Wall Surveyors are appointed to prepare a Party Wall Award. This may be the same Party Wall Surveyor working as the “Agree Surveyor” or a different Party Wall Surveyor for each party. In most cases the Party Wall Surveyors will examine the proposed plans, check the engineer's calculations, and make an initial assessment of likely impact of the Party Wall works. The Party Wall Surveyors will then usually prepare a report of the adjoining owner's property before works start.Before the work begins the Party Wall Surveyors will produce a detailed legal document called a Party Wall Award extends specific protections and rights to both parties, which are determined on an individual basis.Finally, the Party Wall Surveyors will return after the completion of the party wall works to check whether there has been any damage to the adjoining owner's property.
  2. Do nothing- In most circumstances, if you do nothing for more than fourteen days after you have received a Party Wall Award then a difference is deemed to have arisen under Section 10 of the Act and the same procedure applies as detailed in option (2) above. Where a difference is deemed to have arisen, and before Party Wall Surveyors produce the Party Wall Award, both parties may jointly agree to settle any outstanding matters between them without the need for a Party Wall Award. In this case the building owner will usually still be liable for all reasonable party wall costs incurred up to the date where the parties notify the Surveyors of their intentions in writing.
  3. Request a “Party Wall Agreement” you may wish to enter into a Party Wall agreement with your neighbour if you are generally happy with the works that are proposed. Both parties would need to consent to this agreement and usually the person doing the building works would pay for the agreement to be drafted by an experienced Party Wall Surveyor.
  4. Consent to the party wall notice- This option allows the building owner to get on with his works with no further action required from either party. But our express advice is never consent you would have no rights under the Act for compensation or damage. Consenting could cost you thousands of pounds pursuing your neighbour under common law at County Court. Use the Act and appoint a Surveyor at no cost to yourselves to safeguard your property. Do not give in to pressure from your neighbour for the reasons just stated.


To appoint a Surveyor is a very simple task and free of charge.

Simply Click Here and we will initiate the formalities.  



Your competent partner for all types of construction projects.

Call us now on 0207 1180 039 Open 9-5 pm Monday to Friday.         

Email anytime: info@partywallsurveyorsassociation.com      



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