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What do I do if I receive a Notice?

If you have received a Party Wall Notice this means that your neighbour is planning to carry out works to their property that could affect your own property.  This process requires a "Schedule of condition report". 

Schedule of Condition Report


What is a Schedule of Condition Report?

Prior to work commencing on a property a qualified and experienced survey can visit a property and provides a written document that detailed the current state of the property.

After works have completed the surveyor will then return and will ensure that the condition of the property still remains as per the original visit.

Why would I need a Schedule of Condition Report?

This report provides peace of mind to our owners; furthermore it can provide as documented proof in the case of damage to the property and act as evidence if disputes arise.


The Schedule of Condition Process:


Step one: Review the work to be completed

This allows a survey to understand in advance what intended works are to be carried out. This further helps in identifying any possible risks, future disputes and will allow for conversations to be held between the owner’s intended works and the adjoining owners property.



Step two: Assess and Inspect: The surveyor visits the property to take a detailed examination of all aspects inclusive of photographs.

Step three: Written Schedule of Condition Report:  A full and comprehensive report is provided to the owner. This will highlight any current damages, risks, impact of works intended to be carried out, recommendations and photographic materials.



Our prices are set at a fixed cost. This is so our customers have piece of mind and we are transparent in our business transactions.



Studio cost £      + VAT

1 Bedroom £      + VAT

2 Bedroom £      + VAT

3 Bedroom £      + VAT



1-2 Bedroom  £      + VAT

3-4 Bedroom £      + VAT


Listed property: POA 

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